The year is 2005.

Local bimbo Cathy Duff has made it big. Really big.

Cathy just landed in the school of her dreams: Lemonade High, a prestigious, all-girls performing arts school that accepts only the best of the best (or so it says...).

From a young age, she always dreamed of being a popstar, and it seems like it just might finally come true.

Even better, she just became best friends with the school's most popular, elite students, The Queens.

However, things aren't quite what they seem to be.

Cathy's other new friends, outcasts Willow and Izzy, say the Queens aren't as nice as they seem, and the school itself sure seems shady, what with Principal Lemonade's weird fixation on youth, all while- Wait, what the fuck!? Please tell me that's a bag of sugar and not what I think it is.

Join Cathy and her friends in this tale of popularity and stupidity!

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♥ Last updated: September 26th, 2021 ♥

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