Q. What is Pink Panties?

A. Pink Panties is an adult comic about a bimbo, her girl posse that seems to have ulterior motives, and two outcasts she keeps running into.

Q. Why does the site look so old? It looks like something from 2005!

A. The story takes place in 2005, and thus, the site is themed to match.

Q. Is this a furry comic?

A. Well, only if you consider anything with talking animals "furry", in which, you might be just a bit too online for your own good.

Q. This is an adult comic? But it looks so cute! Are you telling me I can't show this to my kids?

A. Oh, it may look cute and girly, and no doubt, this is due to the art style being inspired by cartoons such as the original Powerpuff Girls, but like, trust me, there will be jokes about sex, violence, drugs, etc. that make it inappropriate for kids.

Q. Who's making the comic?

A. The comic is illustrated and written by Rock Candy, with writing help from Pearlnight.

Q. Is there any place I can follow this comic?

A. Besides Comicfury, nah. Check the front page every now and then, updates will be posted there!

♥ Last updated: October 3rd, 2021 ♥