Welcome to the world of Pink Panties! It ain't much, but here, you'll get to learn all the ins and outs of this glittery hellhole!

More will be added as necessarily. But no spoilers! >:(

♥ Last Updated: September 27th, 2021 ♥

The world of Pink Panties is one populated only by anthropomorphic animals, who, despite their fur or feathers, can still do all that us humans can do: walk, talk, go to school, get a job and commit felonies. Yanno, the usual.

Humans don't seem to exist in this world, though some claim to have seen these odd bald apes...Eh, it's probably nothing.

And yes, feral animals exist alongside anthro ones, just like how in real life, we have both humans and monkeys.

Cool City is the main setting of this story, being a big, bustling metropolis somewhere in California.

Even better, it's got Mollywood Boulevard right nextdoor!

Albeit, kinda faraway...

Anyway, this city is known for the three G's: gays, glamour and gentrification.

The exact area we're in is Liquid Street, a poorer district that's not quite crime-ridden, but isn't exactly squeaky clean either. It's just, some people make it a bit crazier than it needs to be, but that's a story for another day.

Lemonade Tree Performing Arts High School Academy, also known coloquially as Lemonade High, is an all-girls performing arts school ran by principal Ms. Barbara Lemonade, an eccentric former lawyer with a love for pink. By her side is vice principal Ms. Harmony Gangju, a ditzy panda that just wants everyone to be friends, and secretary Ms. Adrian Key-Lime, the voice of reason.

Amusingly enough, the school is located on Liquid Street, right next to the infamously poorly ran and chaos-filled Pruno High. Of course, being a pretty girl attending a pretty school means you're wooing a lot of dumb smelly boys, but if you don't want to run into some of the angriest girls with baseball bats imaginable, Lemonade High has a bus to take. A bus that is bright pink, and constantly plays Spice Girls.

The school wasn't always its glamorous self, as rumor has it that the building was once home to Moonshine Hall, a juvenile detention center for the teens even Pruno couldn't handle, running all the way until sometime in 1999, when headmaster Mr. Stern died from a Nokia phone to the head.

However, it was bought out in 2000 by Ms. Lemonade and rebuilt into what it is today, having run for five years.

Rumor has it that the ghost of Mr. Stern haunts the building. Then agian, there's a rumor that Purrsephone has a secret third boob, so take what they say with a grain of salt.

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